Admin note: this is government, non-partisan job.

The Election Data Manager reports to the Deputy Clerk of Elections and his/her Director of Elections. The position oversees Election Data Unit staff and projects, including data quality control, data production, and voter registration list maintenance. The Election Data Unit handles voter registration record keeping, mapping of voter addresses to districts, ballot building and ballot entitlement. In addition to those core functions, the Election Data Unit performs significant amounts of data mining and analysis. The Election Data Manager works closely with all levels of management and all employees and contractors involved in election data entry and analysis. In addition, the position requires collaboration with the management team, staff and vendors regarding new voter registration systems and election management systems, and the development of standard operating procedures.

Essential Job Duties

  • Oversee management of voter registration data, data quality procedures, data entry and measures to ensure the voters’ records are complete, accurate, and current
  • Manage ballot production system and databases, including election files between voter registration management system and election management system to layout and proof ballot designs; review and verify ballot styles and changes to ballots in all formats
  • Manage printing projects for the Elections Department, including data preparation, printing and mailing Voter ID cards, household mailers, canvass mailers, address confirmation mailers, polling place change post cards, election day Signature Books, Who Voted Lists, and other voter information letters.
  • Manage staff working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on election data, boundaries, and maps for precinct, polling place, other jurisdictions requests, as well as geocoding voter addresses, and ballot style analysis
  • Manage staff working with Tableau on election data visualizations and analytics
  • Review data and reports for the Clerk’s office, staff, public, candidates, and media
  • Coordinate with Illinois State Board of Elections to help deliver required survey data and reports
  • Manage provisional ballot processing post-election, and manage post-election Discovery Recounts with regards to Provisional Votes and Early Votes, and support other recount data and procedures as needed
  • Analyze election data statistics for internal and external projects, including post-election reports, social media, overlapping districts, precinct consolidation, and tax code reconciliation
  • Other duties as assigned by elections management

Salary: $80,000 - $90,000 Location: Cook County (Chicago area), IL

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