Unions must have a cultural shift to meet the challenges our members, our movement, and our organizations face following the Supreme Court ruling on Janus. This demands a relentless organizing approach and militant mobilization, a fighting unionism. A new innovative project in CWA strives to be just that, organizing public higher education workers in right to work states without collective bargaining.

Organizing in a context without a contract forces our membership to think deeply and creatively about building power, whether it’s taking on the boss on the shop floor or “bargaining” for advances in the legislative arena. The Data Specialist’s role is to support member-driven campaigns through data management and strategic communications.


Data Management:

  • Provide data, targeting, and technological strategic guidance and analysis to support organizing and issue campaigns
  • Administer, support, and train users on PledgeUp and Action Network
  • Assist staff in developing strategies, data processes, and reporting to accurately measure progress toward organizing goals
  • Collect and manage employee lists and salary data through Freedom of Information Act requests and conduct basic descriptive analysis to inform organizing
  • Standardize data across external communications programs, internal organizing, and dues collection databases; interface and troubleshoot issues with database hosts
  • Work with staff to establish best practices and standards for data collection, acquisition, and preservation, including Google Drive document and folder maintenance

Salary: $59,144.26 - $83,336.03 Location: Atlanta, GA

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