Analyst Institute helps progressive changemakers win big fights by figuring out what really works in politics and social justice organizing. We collaborate directly with progressive organizations across the country to grow the impact of their programs through gold standard research and experimentation, and we serve as a clearinghouse for evidence-based best practices that benefit the entire progressive movement. Analyst Institute is looking for contractors to help on a large-scale data cleanup project.



AI is looking to clean up its archive of historic randomized controlled trials or “experiments.” This archive goes back as far as 2012 and contains hundreds of individual-level experimental data files. These files are in various states of organization and need to be reviewed, standardized, and sensibly organized.

This project will require both data wrangling and data science skills. Most of AI’s more recent experiments are already standardized and only need to be merged together. However, a significant portion of AI’s experiments are in historic data formats (largely Stata .dta files) and need to be converted to flat files and have variables recoded and standardized. During this project, we expect that some irregularities may crop up, so having a background in experimental design and analysis will be helpful in problem solving.

The final deliverables will be a single dataset of all of AI’s past experiments with a standardized set of variables and related codebook as well as any relevant metadata about the experiments that is created during this process. Contractors will also work with the project director and AI research staff to design a set of protocols for storing experimental data in the future.

We expect this project will take two people twelve weeks to complete. We are soliciting and may accept bids from either firms or individual contractors. If you submit a bid as an individual contractor and win, you will be paired with another qualified contractor for the project.

Salary: RFP process, see link

Location: Remote

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