Love data, technology, and progressive politics? Have experience with curriculum creation and instructing groups on how to use tools like VAN and SQL? Does the thought of growing an organization dedicated to helping Democratic and progressive campaigns kick butt up and down the ballot get you fired up? Then, my friend, this might be the role for you.


  • Partner with our two co-founders and our advisors to shape the future of DataDems from a curriculum, programmatic, and long-term strategic standpoint
  • Build on existing materials and develop a robust curriculum to prepare and train aspiring Deputy Data Directors, Regional Targeting Directors, etc.
  • Topics to cover include: VAN, Excel, SQL, Tableau, GIS, digital analytics, and other important data management and analytics skills
  • Ensure that lesson plans are fully prepared for all sessions at DataDems week-long bootcamp programs, with clearly defined objectives and goals for content delivery
  • Teach half and full-day sessions on VAN, Excel, SQL, Tableau, etc.
  • Lead a full-day campaign simulation
  • Capture feedback on learning objectives, curriculum, content delivery, and more and make user-centered adjustments in response to feedback
  • Evolve curriculum and lesson plans over time given feedback and needs of campaigns and other progressive organizations over the course of the 2020 election cycle and beyond

Salary: $75,000-$90,000

Location: Washington, DC preferred; remote optional

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