Outvote’s CTO will be responsible for owning and maintaining the entire Outvote technical stack. They will write code, manage the development process, and work with the Outvote team and contractors on everything from requirements and design to implementation and quality assurance.


  • Build technical specifications. Outline the implementation details for features on the product roadmap, including feature requirements, UI/UX, analytics, and security requirements.
  • Manage design process. Work with our contract designer to concept and wireframe, iterate, and then finalize mockups to bring feature specs to life.
  • Implement new features. Oversee implementation for the highest-priority development requirements and manage contractors for lower-priority features. Manage the process from Github issues to staging, QA, and ultimately production deployment.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting. Innovate solutions for client tickets and lead the bug fixing process.
  • Roadmapping and capacity planning. Estimate development timelines and strategically plan how to scale our development process to succeed in 2020.

Preferred Qualifications

  • At least three years of experience working in a consumer-facing production environment.
  • Experience working in Ruby on Rails + Sidekiq + RSpec, React, and React Native.
  • Optional experience working with Expo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Heroku, New Relic, Github, Travis CI, and Airbrake.
  • Excited by the daily rigor and short-term demands of a start-up and able to tie those to long-term strategic initiatives.
  • Passionate about politics, progressive issue-based advocacy, and civic engagement.

Salary: $140–160k, equity of 0.5–2%

Location: Boston, MA preferred; remote possible

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