Organizing 2020 is a coalition of organizations, organizers and activists working together to advance progressive issues and defeat President Trump. Organizing 2020 is a federal independent campaign that will build community based, volunteer driven, issue and electoral organizational capacity for the general election campaign. Organizing 2020 will organize early to build a robust organization ready to fully support a nominee for the general election. Organizing 2020 staff will be employed by 2020 Campaign Services, INC.

2020 Campaign Services INC. was established by Presidential campaign alumni to build organization in battleground states. We help progressive organizations build community based, volunteer driven campaigns. The company is focused on providing clients with turn-key logistics to get a quality voter contact program off the ground quickly and efficiently. The main services that we provide our clients include research, hard data products, full service operations support for staff and offices, accountability mechanisms and staff training.

The Data Director will build and manage the data infrastructure to support community-based, volunteer-driven organizational capacity in Wisconsin. The Data Director will report to the State Director and work closely with the State Organizing Director and National Data Director to provide the data resources needed for a robust, effective organizing program. Responsibilities

  • Develop strategies to support organizing program with a focus on how data can be used to help build a robust volunteer organization & infrastructure
  • Drive a data-driven organizing culture in which data is a key component of campaign decision-making and in which data’s role is to support the work of organizers and volunteers on the ground
  • Act as the data administrator for all campaign data in Wisconsin
  • Create and implement processes for data management
  • Create and maintain reports and all regular reporting needs in the state and work closely with the organizing team to create reports as needed
  • Manage integrity, security, and availability of data
  • Support data needs of digital organizing program in the state
  • Support training needs of state-based staff and support volunteer trainings

Salary: Not listed, believed to be at least $6,000 per month.

Location: Wisconsin

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