Mod’s note: ProgressiveDataJobs started two and a half years ago as a simple solution to a big problem: finding jobs in the progressive, political, and civic engagement space is hard if you don’t already know where to look. The site was co-founded by Lena & Annie. While we don’t have exact numbers, we have heard countless stories of people finding a new job or a new employee through PDJ. And we’re thrilled that it has been such a success.

Co-founder Lena has launched a new firm, Meso Solutions, to tackle another part of the hiring challenge and is excited to announce that they are hiring for staff as well. But we want to ensure you all that ProgressiveDataJobs will remain a free, independent site, managed on a majority volunteer basis. We have no intentions to charge to post or search the site. However, we do hope that through Meso Solutions, the site will eventually get a bit of an update and be more user friendly for job seekers. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact us via lena @

Meso is hiring for a Search Associate

About Meso Solutions Meso Solutions makes the hiring process for progressive work smarter, more efficient, and more equitable. We believe that real progressive change is the result of thousands of people working hard every day, in ways both small and large. Many of the organizations and companies fighting for progressive change have limited resources, and hiring can consume dozens of hours of valuable time, in addition to valuable money and resources.

We’re more than a recruiter, and our clients are more than a number; we operate with a non-profit ethos. We partner closely with our clients to help them find the best path to a successful hire for a variety of roles – from field organizers to directors – in organizations of all sizes. As a new company founded in 2019, we are excited to grow our services and fill this gap in the progressive space. We are looking for people who are independent and hard workers who love making things work behind the scenes, but are also excited to help build something new.

We are hiring a Search Associate to help implement client job searches.

As a small company, no two days will be alike, and you may wear many hats, but in an average week you may:

  • Actively contribute to the team in meetings and via written communications, identifying areas for improvement and implementing those improvements as necessary.
  • Check off your to do list and manage your time appropriately - there are a lot of small and vital steps to a successful hire and tackling the details takes time and attention.
  • Support job recruitment by posting and sharing open positions to key sites, including management of our sister site
  • Handling emails and communications with job seekers.
  • Support interviews between clients and applicants; Conducting intake conversations with job seekers to ensure Meso can identify the right talent for the right roles.
  • Ensure thorough documentation of projects within Meso’s project management systems as well as client facing reports.
  • Ensure we are minimizing bias in our work. Meso takes an active approach to DEI and examine race, gender, ability, age, class, and more, as well as their intersections in work. All staff are responsible for our DEI success.
  • Learn the ins and outs of successful hiring, reviewing resumes and other materials, and growing your project management skills. Additionally, while this is not a sales job, you may need to be comfortable discussing our approach and solutions with potential clients. We are a small company, and all team members are ambassadors for Meso.

Salary: $55,000

Location: Chicago, IL

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