DigiDems was founded in 2018 to fill a talent gap in the Democratic campaign ecosystem in an effort to help Democrat’s leverage the new technology created after the 2016 election to make campaigns more secure, efficient, and effective. The organization recruited and trained skilled technology talent to build stronger Democratic campaigns, and two years and 88 embedded technologists later, we’re continuing our work to build a new, reliable pipeline of high-skilled tech talent that Democratic campaigns can deploy in 2020 and beyond.

In 2019, we decided to build on this work when we launched the Blue Leadership Collaborative, seeking to strengthen the pipeline of skilled democratic campaign operatives who can lead winning campaigns. Our inaugural class of BLC fellows is now out in the field managing down-ballot campaigns in the 2020 cycle, and we have a new set of 15 remarkable fellows in Texas, who will help lead campaigns across the state to finally turn Texas blue.

Under the structure of Zinc Collective, DigiDems and BLC will continue to strengthen Democratic campaign talent for election cycles to come


The IT Administrator plays two critical roles at DigiDems:

Manage DigiDems internal IT systems and assets and implement DigiDems internal IT and security processes. Provide Support for Campaign DigiDems, researching and answering questions about general IT admin topics, and helping the CDD’s address campaign IT needs including: office and internet networking, device management, and everyone’s favorite—printers!

Core Responsibilities:

Full Company IT Administrator

  • Configure, manage, and monitor core internal systems including: G Suite, 1Password, Workable (or similar) ATS, HubSpot, Discourse, Google Cloud Platform, Quickbooks and other systems that come into use in the future.
  • Provision and de-provision accounts for staff onboarding and offboarding
  • Manage user permissions for G Suite services including mail, calendar, and documents
  • Help staff with account set-up and security including adding accounts securely to personal and mobile devices
  • Implement IT security practices including: Security Key 2FA, white/black-listing 3p apps and extensions, mobile-device-management
  • Manage full company’s IT assets including laptops and Chromebooks
  • Assist with the evaluation of new technology solutions for potential company-wide implementation
  • Support the Security Team, as needed, with onsite cyber security implementation for various campaigns or identified progressive organizations

Support of Campaign DigiDems

  • Provide on-call support to Campaign DigiDems on general IT topics: office and internet networking, website development and hosting, networked printer management, account management, etc.
  • Manage DigiDems IT systems and assets including the DigiDems Forum (Discourse) and CDD laptops
  • Monitor the DigiDems Forum and answer questions on general IT topics.
  • Provide webinar trainings on IT topics of interest to CDDs
  • Support the Security Team in training CDDs on security best practices, and helping CDDs implement these practices on their campaigns

Salary: $85,000 - $90,000

Location: Remote anywhere in the US (Los Angeles, CA or Portland, OR preferred)

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