Join the DLCC and become a part of the team that will take back our state legislatures and — by winning crucial redistricting fights — remake the U.S. Congress to re-enfranchise millions of voters and end GOP abuse of the democratic process.

We’re working to engage voters in local elections, rebuild our party from the grassroots level, and build a bulwark of Democratic power in states across the country. Winning state legislative races has outsized implications that can reverberate for decades.

The DLCC is seeking two Regional Data & Targeting Coordinators to join our new State Campaigns team. As we gear up for the critical 2020 elections, these roles will work with our Data & Analytics Department and States Campaigns team to support programs at the DLCC and with in-state partners, helping to build reliable and sophisticated data infrastructure and systems. This will include reporting and tool creation, database administration and support, and voter targeting. We’re seeking candidates who are able to think quickly, adapt frequently, and develop creative, data-driven solutions to challenges as they arise. Regional Data & Targeting Coordinators will work with the Data & Targeting Director to identify the ways the State Campaigns team can best help to build out exceptional data and analytics infrastructure for Democratic state legislative campaigns in targeted state legislative chambers. Regional Data & Targeting Coordinators report to the Data & Targeting Director and are coordinated-side positions based in Washington, DC. Regional Data & Targeting Coordinators are cycle positions through December 4, 2020.

Salary: $50,000 - $65,000

Location: Washington, DC

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