Hello PDJ’ers! (Last updated 3/4/20) Welcome to the heart of Presidential primary season. We are here to bring you an update on outlooks for Presidential campaign jobs and the wider world of progressive job hiring. Presidential campaign hiring list updated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: Progressive Data Jobs is not affiliated with any organization or campaign. We are not here to recommend any candidate nor to provide any opinions on the campaigns. This is a free and open resource, but if you are sharing this, please give us a hat tip. Thanks!

We wrote a rundown on getting a job with a Democratic Presidential campaign almost a year ago and a LOT has happened since then. If you haven’t applied for a Presidential election before, check it out first!


First, as you know, this is still a large quickly narrowing field of candidates, which is impacting job opportunities. There are still a lot of opportunities and the campaigns are hiring as quickly as possible. The best way to know what is open is to check the campaign’s job site on a regular basis.

In general, hiring and job offers are going to move quickly as campaigns fill needs as quickly as possible. Strategic and big picture program decisions have been made - it’s time to execute on campaign plans. However, they also will “redeploy” staff from early primary & caucus states (IA, NH) to SC, NV, Super Tuesday, and later states to fill critical roles, including data, analytics, and similar work. . This makes it somewhat difficult to predict what jobs be open (at least from an outsider perspective. Existing campaign staff will receive internal communications). [3/2/20 Addition]: Aas candidates drop out but endorse other front runners, those staff may have first dibs on jumping to the endorsed campaigns.

Having a primary season with so many campaigns also impacts the wider world of progressive jobs. Because the Presidential campaigns attract so much talent and people are staying in the race longer than expected, there’s a lack of talent to support the rest of the space: non-profits, civic engagement groups, advocacy groups, Independent Expenditures, PACs, and party committees are all hiring actively. Whether or not your main interest is supporting elections in 2020, there are many options besides working directly on a Presidential campaign.

PDJ.org is a free site run on volunteer time. While we compile as many data, analytics, and tech jobs as we can there are a number of other sources for job listing sites. Here are a few places we recommend following, in addition to PDJ:

And of course if you are looking for a Presidential campaign job, here are the links for the candidates

These are ordered alphabetically by last name. If you have additional information or corrections please email lena at progressivedatajobs dot org.

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