The Center for Tech and Civic Life is looking for a Research Associate to join its Civic Data team. The Civic Data team’s programs help organize the country’s election information and answer important questions about government and representation. Some examples of the work the Research Associate will do:

  • Collect, maintain, and ensure the quality of CTCL’s civic datasets, including ballot and elected official information.
  • Maintain and expand systems and processes for tracking our country’s elections processes.
  • Develop new datasets and original research for projects that further the organization’s mission.
  • Other duties assigned by the Civic Data Research Managers.


  • Elections and Government Research. Lead efforts in maintaining and expanding existing elected official and candidate datasets, datasets about government structure, as well as other research projects as necessary.
  • Additional Web-Based Research. Lead efforts in collecting and maintaining information about candidates’ and elected officials’ websites, social media accounts, contact information, and other additional fields related to our civic datasets.
  • Data Entry and Cleaning. Using Microsoft Excel and other products, transform civic information from a variety of formats into standardized and machine readable data.
  • Quality Assurance. Work with the Research Associates and Director of Civic Data to implement data quality checks to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data.
  • Communication. Clearly communicate with other members of the civic data team, and with election officials (often over the phone or via email) to ensure high quality results.

Salary: $48,000 – $50,000

Location: Washington, DC

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