The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is the official national Democratic campaign committee charged with electing Democrats to the U. S. House of Representatives. The DCCC recruits Democratic candidates and supports Democratic campaigns – both challengers and Democratic incumbent Members – with a variety of services including voter targeting, field operations, fundraising support, communications assistance, research support and management consulting. In addition, the DCCC’s Independent Expenditure supports these campaigns with television, radio and other voter contact efforts. The DCCC is supported by the contributions of individuals and organizations, along with Democratic Members, from throughout the country. We look for talented and hard-working campaign professionals who are committed to electing more Democrats and protecting the House majority.

Data & Reporting Director

Salary: $90k

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is hiring a Data Director for the 2020 campaign cycle. The Data Director will be responsible for managing multiple data sources, the Committee’s data architecture and pipelines, administration of national voter files (VAN/PDI), and the integration of various data sources across Committee departments, campaigns, and state parties. The Data Director is also responsible for working with other departments within the DCCC to develop analytical reports to further the committee’s work and assist with training and development on technical skills like SQL and GIS, among others. Of primary importance to this role are the abilities to synthesize data into usable formats, and a commitment to ensuring the highest level of clean, accurate and timely data for use in Committee and campaign decision making.

Qualification: Several years of targeting, data, and analytics experience in the political realm, including some management experience.

Regional Targeting Director

Salary: $70k

The Regional Targeting Director will work with the Data and Targeting Director and team, as well as the regional political teams, to advise congressional campaigns on their path to victory and maximize the effectiveness of their voter outreach strategies based on rigorous statistical analysis of past election results, voter file data, polling, microtargeting models, and other analytics tools. Regional Targeting Directors will serve a vital role in ensuring that data is an essential component of the decision-making of the DCCC and congressional campaigns.

Qualification: Prior data, targeting, or statistics experience is required.

Polling Manager

Salary: $50 - $70k

The Polling Manager will help oversee the DCCC’s robust in-house polling operation, including helping train and develop staff on best practices of survey design, sampling, fielding, and weighting. This position will assist Regional staff in their analysis and interpretation of internal and external polling data. The Polling Manager will also organize, aggregate and monitor relevant metrics derived from multiple data sources. The Polling Manager will engage with vendors and track logistics for the DCCC’s modeling programs and play a large role in the integration of polling data across multiple DCCC platforms.

Qualifications: Highly organized and detail-oriented with some background in polling or modeling.

Deputy Analytics Director, Independent Expenditure (IE)

Salary: $75k

The DCCC is hiring a Deputy Analytics Director for the DCCC’s Independent Expenditure. The Deputy Analytics Director will support program evaluation and data analysis for the DCCC’s Independent Expenditure unit, including but not limited to generating target lists and samples from the voter file, microtargeting model validation and usage, analyzing polling data and samples, and other analytics work as needed. At least one cycle of relevant data, targeting, and/or statistics experience is required – this is not an entry level position.

Qualification: One or more cycles of campaign experience in polling and survey research, SQL and relational databases, program evaluation, modeling, and/or television advertising.

Digital Analytics Manager, Independent Expenditure (IE) Salary: $75k

Qualification: 3+ years of experience in digital advertising, understanding of digital advertising KPIs, analytics and measurement.