DigiDems was founded in the wake of the 2016 election with a mission to elect a Democratic majority by helping campaigns use technology effectively. In 2018 we placed 80 technologists on critical Democratic campaigns across the country. These technologists, called ‘DigiDems’ by their campaigns, used their skills to assist their campaigns in many ways—implementing cybersecurity defenses, deploying digital organizing tools, and even fixing the occasional jammed printer. In 2019, we continued our work by embedding DigiDems on down ballot races in Mississippi and Virginia.

During both cycles, the DigiDems became integral members of their campaigns, often spending the weekends canvassing before heading back to the office to create and implement complex technical projects.

In 2020, we will once again embed DigiDems on Democratic campaigns across the country, where they will implement best practices in the tech space, optimize platforms, utilize resources, and elect Democrats!

Role Description To ensure the success of campaign embedded DigiDems (CDDs), DigiDems LLC is hiring several Technical Specialists to provide remote, and as needed, on-site, support to CDDs and their campaigns.

The Technical Specialists will provide support to the CDDs in their area of technical expertise. The Technical Specialists will use their expertise, diagnostic and debugging skills, and networks of similar practitioners to:

  • Answer technical questions
  • Resolve technical problems
  • Plan and help execute technical projects to aid the CDDs and their campaigns

The role is primarily one of remote support via the DigiDems private online forum, phone calls, and video conferences. As needed, Technical Specialists may travel to campaign locations to provide hands-on assistance.

The Voter File Systems Technical Specialist has a deep knowledge, through hands-on user and administrator experience, of critical data tools used by Democratic campaigns including, but not limited to: Votebuilder, SmartVAN, PDI, and NGP.

They will use this knowledge to train CDDs on these tools, assist in implementing daily data related tasks, and in resolving technical issues as they arise.

The Voter File Systems Technical Specialist will develop and maintain positive relationships with relevant vendors and, when necessary, escalate issues to these vendors and follow-up to make sure they are resolved in a timely manner.


  • Provide responsive support to Campaign DigiDems—answer questions and help with tasks related to voter file systems, data integrity, and data management
  • Work with DigiDems’ Managing Director and Deputy Director to develop in-person data tool training curriculum applicable for a range of technical backgrounds
  • Lead in-person and webinar based training sessions for CDDs
  • Familiarize yourself with, and build expertise in, key voter file systems and elements of the progressive data ecosystem—including those that the Technical Specialist was not previously familiar with
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with data tool vendors including managing support escalation paths and encouraging the vendors to participate directly in the DigiDems support forum.
  • Help CDDs identify opportunities to improve campaign operations and processes by more effective use of data and data tools

Salary: $102,000-$105,000

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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