Deck is hiring a Community Analyst to work directly with our users and help them get the most out of our products.

OUR MISSION We believe our politics are skewed against the interests of most Americans. We’re working to move the country in a more progressive and just direction by empowering the best candidates to run their best campaigns, even on a tight budget.

WHAT IS DECK? Deck is a data system and product that tells electoral candidates who is likely to vote, whom those voters are likely to support, and what can be done to move the needle. Deck helps candidates understand their position in the race, make a plan to increase their odds of winning, and reach the right people at the right time.

At its core, Deck is based on an approach we call Contextual Inference. We use data on what voters in the past have done, and what context drove those decisions, to predict what current voters in your district will do on Election Day.

Our predictions are driven by media, campaign finance records, voter traits, and candidate traits. This approach allows us to generate accurate and granular predictions - down to the individual voter - without relying on surveys. And by not basing our predictions on surveys, we can offer Deck at a price that is both affordable for downballot campaigns and accurate enough for the most demanding national races.

The person in this role will:

  • Provide front-line support to the campaigns and advocacy organizations that use our products
  • Conduct trainings and develop training materials to help campaigns and advocacy organizations get the most value out of our tools and data
  • Analyze usage data, user feedback, and bug reports to understand how our products are being used
  • Develop and maintain reports to make sure we’re reducing the number of bugs in our system and responding to support requests more quickly over time
  • Suggest new features based on user feedback
  • Help to guide communication with campaigns and advocacy organizations

Salary: competitive with non-political tech companies. We include equity as part of compensation, but candidates should expect that salary makes up the vast majority of their take-home pay.

Location: Remote, Washington DC or San Francisco, CA optional

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