The Campaign DigiDem will act as an on-site technology liaison and administrator for a political campaign or state party program. You will be assigned to one campaign or state party for the duration of the 2020 election cycle where you will serve as a campaign staff member. You will assist on all aspects of your campaign, but your primary focus will be to provide expertise and guidance on technology implementation and execution.

Campaign DigiDems (DigiDems) will report to a manager on their campaign and also receive support from DigiDems HQ.

As a DigiDem you must be passionate about Democratic politics and willing to roll up your sleeves, embrace adventure, work long hours, and temporarily relocate to support your campaign or state party.

You will learn and contribute to fundamental aspects of the campaign on a daily basis. This is an opportunity to develop career-making skills, gain contacts in politics and technology, and have a positive impact on the world. Taking initiative, finding a niche, and building strong relationships play big parts in all of this as you move from success to success across a variety of projects and responsibilities.

Responsibilities In this role, you will join a campaign or state party to assist with best practices, implementation, integration, and execution for a range of projects which may include many of the following:

  • Support (deploying, setting up, operating, troubleshooting) for core tech platforms used by the campaign/campaigns.
  • Provide training to staff and volunteers on tech tools and provide tech support to local campaigns.
  • Assist in the execution and measurement of social media and advertising, website creation/design/hosting, and digital communication strategies.
  • IT Administration and Security, including desktop and mobile device security and management, account provisioning and permissioning, and managing the retainment of digital assets.
  • Data management of key campaign and voter information.
  • Advise campaign leadership on how to use technology as effectively as possible. Advocate the use of technology, when appropriate, based on local data and best practices acquired across the DigiDems program.
  • Identify technical enhancements that could make big improvements to workflow, strategy, outreach, fundraising, and other relevant areas of campaigning. Document and communicate ideas to technical staff and partners.
  • In addition to technical tasks, you need to be prepared to help with whatever non-technical tasks are required to win the election. This may include door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, volunteer training, and more.
  • Collaborate and share best practices and biggest learnings with your fellow DigiDems through Slack, email, and forum discussions.
  • Analyze and document the effectiveness of technology and contribute to a post-mortem analysis that will inform and evolve DigiDems, campaign leadership, and industry partners and vendors.

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Salary: $82,000-85,000

Location: Various, based where the campaign assignment is based