The University of Chicago Crime & Education Labs are seeking a Data Acquisitions Manager to support the internal operations related to data acquisitions, management, stewardship and compliance. This person will work with Labs staff in processing data requests for research projects, and with external partners to coordinate communication regarding data sharing agreements. This individual will also be responsible for ongoing documentation and recordkeeping related to data maintained by Urban Labs, and reinforcing policies and procedures.


Data acquisitions process

  • Leads the process of gathering information from the research staff in Crime, Education & Crime Lab New York, and drafting new data sharing or data request materials.
  • Serves as an internal resource to all researchers to advise on processes and procedures for obtaining access to data assets.
  • Coordinates with external partners and Urban Labs staff to schedule meetings and prepare materials.
  • Manages the flow of work to University Research Administration (URA), and ensures all submissions for new data sharing agreements meet internal requirements.
  • Monitor the status of pending agreements. Triage and prioritize items needing University Research Administration (URA) attention.
  • Leads contractual negotiations between Urban Labs, URA and external data sources.
  • Updates and maintains a comprehensive tracking sheet of active and pending agreements. Prepares weekly status updates for the research staff and management. Produces operational metrics to inform management of decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Ensures that all fully executed data sharing agreements and statements of work are archived internally and at URA. Ensures that partners requiring original signatures are provided with the necessary hardcopies.

Partner Management

  • Directly supports the Crime & Education Lab leaders in managing the CPS and CPD relationships, including gathering information from research managers, internally batching and triaging requests for CPD ad CPS, coordinating the process for reviewing and approving analytical outputs, and executing sensitive partner communication.
  • Coordinate with data partnerships director, research team and Relationship Managers to ensure all data sources review outputs before release. Identify and problem-solves issues related to dissemination of our work.
  • Supports the Faculty and Research Directors in determining appropriate plans for external research affiliates, including contractual agreements and other steps to permit data access.
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Supports the satisfaction of policies and operational procedures for ensuring compliance with Data Security Agreement terms and conditions, MOUs, IRB approvals, or other agreements with Urban Labs regarding permissions to use or store data.

Salary: Not listed

Location: Chicago, IL

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