The Political Data Manager is responsible for designing, implementing and managing the reporting process that provides an overview of the political program, metrics and progress to goals across platforms. Platforms include VAN, Salesforce, Hustle and Mobile Commons and soft reporting systems. This role is responsible for managing successful data transfer across these systems.


The priority for this position is to manage reporting. Responsibilities include:

  • Gathering data from existing tools such as SmartVAN, Hustle and CORE (internal Salesforce application) to create weekly reports that include political indicators such as: call attempts, conversations, member-to-member phone shifts, coordinated shifts, text attempts, text conversations, progress to goal, leaders identified and email engagement rates.
  • Communicating data analysis through oral and written reports and creative visualization.
  • Culling data for key/ useful points and identifying notable internal and external data points
  • Develop a reporting system that provides information to national stakeholders
  • Analysis of Tools and Impacts
  • Targeting for the field program to refine a voter contact universe. Regular analysis in order to provide recommendations on what techniques and tools are working and what could be improved. Return on investment analysis of program.

Data Movement

  • In Partnership with Political Program, Digital Strategies and Program Data teams, manage movement of data across tools, including CORE, VAN and Hustle to ensure the critical field work is completed and recorded.
  • Ensure that all systems are sharing information; some of this work can be automated and some will not be.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Owning the development and maintenance of metrics and reporting
  • Creating and maintaining reports and dashboards across program
  • Creating and supporting adaptation of template reports for priority states to show progress to goal in states
  • Work closely with Political Program and field team to establish and maintain systems to track and evaluate program process to goal
  • Ensure data integrity and reporting accuracy
  • Promote an equitable, just and inclusive culture
  • Other duties as assigned

Salary: Competitive

Location: Oakland, CA

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