Win Justice is a collaboration between the Community Change Action, Color Of Change PAC, Planned Parenthood Votes, Service Employees International Union, along with our state-level affiliates, partners, and political committees. We have formed a groundbreaking coalition to win key elections in Nevada, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida. We will engage, organize, and mobilize voters of color, young people, women, and union supporters.

Our shared vision is to build permanent power through durable and meaningful community organizing. The strength of our collaboration is in our organizations’ deep capacity on the ground, brand strength, positive vision and values, history of collaboration and trust, and track record of engaging voters at scale.

Position Description:

Win Justice is seeking an enthusiastic Data Director to serve in a senior leadership position, working closely with the National Campaign Director, State Directors, and coalition leadership to develop, analyze, adjust, and execute field outreach and coordination. The ideal candidate can play both a key technical and leadership role to help optimize program and push the overall campaign team to meet and potentially exceed goals. The person in this role is an adept communicator who can synthesize and articulate data for “non data” people for use in campaign decision making. A successful candidate will have a solid background in data management, strategic thinking, experimentation and evaluation, working with coalition partners, proven program management skills, along with the desire to run and evaluate creative, challenging and innovative field program that helps us win electorally and builds for the long term.

This is a senior-level role. In this position, you will:

  • Guide and inform campaign decisions by using data on targeting, strategic communications, and paid media.
  • Develop and implement reporting systems to aid in campaign management and evaluation.
  • Manage the work of data staff, including field-based data staff working at partner offices.
  • Coordinate and lead coalition data discussions, managing discussions about turf and targeting as well as assisting coalition leadership in developing specific program.
  • Collaborate with data staff at partner organizations as well as other thought-leaders in the field to identify and implement experiments and tests.
  • Present recommendations and analytics findings to high-level stakeholders.
  • Identify and offer solutions for gaps in campaign tools, resources, and research.
  • Manage the Win Justice internal database and work with partners and vendors to determine the best methods for communication and development of campaign lists and voter data.
  • Manage multiple data pipelines and integrate various data sources.
  • Set, implement, test and maintain data security standards for all staff as well as the Win Justice database.
  • Work with field and paid communication vendors on timely delivery of targeting and lists.
  • Act as the in-house expert regarding research and cutting edge campaign practices and technology and advise campaign directors on efficiencies.

Salary: Not listed

Location: Not listed

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