The Impact Project creates a year-round cycle of engagement to meet two linked objectives in each of our states: 1) advancing progressive economic and democracy policies, and 2) shaping the issue and political environment so that the states become more progressive over time.

The Director of Analytics is a key part of our work on public education campaigns focused on middle and working class audiences and on our voter engagement efforts of under-represented populations. They ensure that our investments are informed by the latest experiments and that there are tests in place to ultimately reveal whether the investments are working. The position will work with staff and grantees to identify target audiences and models, set up treatment and control groups, analyze experiment results, and present findings to staff and partners.

We’re looking for someone who has worked on advocacy campaigns, can manage and move data across multiple entities, and find the lessons in the numbers. The position requires a keen analytical mind, attention to detail, and topnotch organizational skills. Must be able to communicate with practitioners in the field and explain issues and solutions to a nontechnical audience. This position is exempt for overtime purposes, and reports to the Director of Engagement.

About The Impact Project

We are about building enduring power through advocacy, organizing, and communications that advance progressive economic and democracy policies. Current progressive work in the states is largely focused on short-term issue-specific campaigns. While this strategy has proven effective in securing specific policies, a more comprehensive approach is required to fundamentally change these states. Our work is focused in AZ, CO, FL, ME, MD, MI, NV, NC, PA, and VA. You’ll have the freedom to look across issues, across organizations, and across legislative sessions to build the power needed to create and sustain a progressive policy environment in the states.

Our Culture

It’s a fast-paced culture where we aim for excellence. We love data, experimentation, and learning from both successes and failures (instead of fearing them). We seek team members who are creative, communicative self-starters who enjoy collaboration and are interested in taking their work to the next level. The core values we live by include:

  • Agile – We move quickly and easily. We adapt.
  • Bold – We take risks. We are fearless in the face of big challenges.
  • Curious – We have a thirst for data and question assumptions.
  • Creative Disruptors – We stretch beyond the norm. We bring new ideas, new partners, and new strategies.
  • Dig Deep – We aren’t looking for surface wins, but fundamental shifts in power.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Analyze, learn, and apply

  • Collaborate with external partners to embed experiments and tests into education programs in the states that test whether we’re moving target audiences.
  • Package and disseminate the results of experiments so that our team and others in the field can learn as we go.
  • Stay apprised on the latest experiment results and guidance from Analyst Institute and others, bring back the most salient best practices to the team.
  • Work with the Engagement and Impact teams to track progress against our topline metrics for advocacy, organizing, and communications. Coach our staff on developing metrics for grants and contracts that feed into those.
  • Help analyze data sets from grantee phone, digital, mail, etc. programs. We want to assess audience reach across multiple partner groups, whether different audience segments are performing as forecast, and which audiences are responding to which tactics and issues. (We know what we want to learn, but we need you to help us identify the best way to get there!) * Package lessons learned and how they can be applied to ongoing programs. Provide guidance for the team on who is responding best to what and response rates and how those are shifting over time. Maximize voter tools and manage target universes
  • Lead our engagement with The Movement Cooperative, maximizing the tools available and cooperatively designing data projects.
  • Navigate data sets in VAN, MyTargetSmart, Civis platform, Periscope, excel, and a statistics package of your choice.
  • Create universes for public education projects, ensuring a dedicated focus on our target audiences and tracking their movement over time.
  • Ensure grantees are taking full advantage of the suite of discounted TMC tools (texting, relational organizing, etc).
  • Train new staff on our data tools.
  • Design measurable voter engagement programs
  • Craft treatment universes for get out the vote (GOTV) and public education campaigns.
  • Design experiments that test the impact of our GOTV work. Set up control and treatment groups for grantees to best evaluate the impact of their projects.
  • Where grantees don’t have the in-house expertise to run their own experiments (but want to build it), coach them and provide technical expertise.
  • Advise on whether proposed projects in the states are utilizing the smartest mix of tactics and content.
  • Upload and analyze data from grantees.
  • Navigate data sets in VAN, MyTargetSmart, Civis platform, Periscope, and excel.


  • Experience designing, implementing, and analyzing controlled experiments for civic engagement or advocacy campaigns
  • Familiarity with get out the vote best practices
  • Strong communicator, is curious, drives to find a way to yes
  • Aptitude for finding the lessons hidden in the data and showing others how to apply it to campaigns
  • Detail-oriented, but not so precise we miss the imagination and innovation
  • Can thrive in a startup environment where the path forward isn’t always clear and the processes are a work in process
  • Independent and mature, able to structure your day and priorities effectively while working at home and on the road

Salary: $70,000 – $85,000

Location: Preference for locations within our ten states (AZ, CO, FL, MD, ME, MI, NV, NC, PA, VA). Primarily work from home office, with occasional travel to meetings and conferences.

[To apply, send resume and cover letter to]