Practice Makes Progress Practice Makes Progress (PMP) is a mission-driven worker-owned co-op that teaches anti-oppression skills to progress-minded people. The services PMP offers take a transformative approach to workplace equity, with a focus on building participants’ skills to apply to a wide range of situations, and with special expertise in trans inclusion and ending gendered and sexual harassment. With our workshops and learning events, PMP works to help both organizations and individuals bring their full power forward, creating workplaces that meaningfully include systematically marginalized folks, and building more effective, emotionally intelligent systems in the professional world.

Anti-Awkward Anti-Harassment Research Project: The goal of the Anti-Awkward Anti-Harassment approach is to end workplace harassment. Other workplace anti-harassment trainings can often feel awkward, unrealistic, and a downright waste of time because their goal is to limit the employer’s liability. With Anti-Awkward Anti-Harassment, limiting liability is a nice byproduct of working towards what justice requires us to prioritize: setting consent as the baseline standard for all human sexual activity.

The Anti-Awkward Anti-Harassment Research Project is a two year program of rigorous testing of the consent and accountability approach. Practice Makes Progress is looking for a full-time social science researcher to design and carry out a holistic study of the Anti-Awkward Anti-Harassment approach. Our goal is to end workplace harassment, so we are looking for someone who is both data savvy and invested in dismantling toxic work cultures. At the end of the two year program PMP will share our findings and launch a new era of harassment-free workplaces!

The Basics:

  • This is a 2-year contractor position, with potential for extension.
  • Salary: $6,000 monthly ($72,000 annually)
  • Location: Remote anywhere in the United States; flexible work hours.
  • This work will require the use of common technology such as a laptop to communicate with others typically via phone, video call, and email. Reasonable accommodations will be made for applicants with disabilities.
  • Travel: Due to COVID-19 we do not anticipate any travel for this role. Once a vaccine becomes widely available, we may allow for domestic travel to resume.
  • Benefits: As a growing organization, we are limited in our ability to offer traditional benefits. However, we look forward to working with you to develop these over the course of the project.

The Project Hypothesis: We can end workplace harassment by setting consent as the standard for how we treat each other at work. A trainer (Jill) and a researcher (you) will conduct a 2-year program to test the hypothesis, the Anti-Awkward Anti-Harassment curriculum and related support services, and the client market. Q: What exactly will we test? A: TBD! This is an opportunity to be creative and test many different aspects of the work. The researcher will design, implement, and analyze the research questions, including determining the right methodological approaches. We want this research to give us actionable outcomes - whether that is a change to the services we provide or specific tactics that minimize workplace harm. You can read more about the project on our website. Some examples of research questions we might consider include but are not limited to: What aspects of our curriculum are effective? Which are ineffective? What support services do organizations need to put this curriculum into practice? Are there elements of the program that could put survivors at risk or give abusers new places to hide? How can we evolve the curriculum and support services to prevent that? How much does this cost to provide and what are organizations able to pay?

The Job Your responsibilities:

  • Develop the overall research design, including timelines and resource needs
  • Implement the research process via interview facilitation, survey design, and data analysis as appropriate
  • Collaborate with the Founder & CEO, clients, and partners to communicate research findings
  • Effectively manage the project in full and ensure timely deliverables
  • Create surveys, program code, or clean data as needed - basically conduct all the nitty gritty of the research as well as tackle the big questions.

Trainer’s responsibilities:

  • Training and coaching services
  • Client recruitment
  • Operations, finance, and legal
  • Fundraising
  • Thought leadership and press


  • Extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative social science research design, implementation, and analysis
  • Strong justice analysis and demonstrated commitment to practicing justice in the workplace
  • Comfort with various social science methods and their pros and cons; mixed methods experience may be particularly valuable
  • Ability to be flexible and agile in your research, understanding that there is no such thing as objectivity and that researching something unavoidably changes it
  • Skill in conducting interviews on emotionally challenging topics
  • Able to commit to the full 2-year contract position
  • While there are no formal education requirements for this role, for someone to be successful they will likely have at least 5 years of applied educational and/or professional experience
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: we’ll co-create the Practice Makes Progress work environment as we go and you’ll be responsible for envisioning and executing your role with the CEO’s support as a collaborator, not supervision as a boss
  • Project management experience is valuable, but not required

Salary: $72,000

Location: Remote

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