Position Summary: Under the direction of the field data manager, this position will focus on supporting campaign needs including external organizing, political campaigns, and development and deployment of applications and databases for organizing campaigns and local union-building efforts. In addition, the senior associate will coordinate among AFT departments to provide necessary feedback on continuing database development requirements and enhancements for end users’ database capacity. The senior associate will also work with AFT affiliates on training and implementation of affiliate data management solutions.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Identify requirements for application development and develop AFT data management applications.
  • Oversee and coordinate list matching and data harvesting efforts, and uploading of information to AFT database. Develop and deploy database applications and reporting.
  • Evaluate local technical capacities and requirements and make necessary recommendations.
  • Coordinate the rollout and migration of locals to AFT systems and tools.
  • Support AFT systems and initiatives in various departments, particularly political and organizing campaigns.
  • Train affiliate and AFT users on AFT and custom database tools and applications.


  • Requires at least one complete cycle of campaign data experience, including data analysis, distribution and reporting components, list/turf cutting for multiple regions, and working experience of LAN/VAN.
  • Experience converting and working with data from a variety of sources and formats.
  • Specific experience with Microsoft Excel and relational database applications development and report writing, installing and troubleshooting small area networks, and providing training on technology tools.
  • Basic understanding of how data is used in both political and organizing campaigns.
  • Prior work experience in a union environment is preferred.
  • Training experience is considered a plus.

Salary: $90,136

Location: Not Listed

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