About the Carolina Federation The Carolina Federation is a statewide organization that brings local people together across race and the rural-urban divide to build political and electoral power in their own communities and across North Carolina. At a time when the right-wing holds power in our state and far too many campaigns overlook the importance of long-term investment in local communities, we are developing a bold approach to organizing and voter engagement for North Carolina. By unleashing the full potential of our diverse communities we can create real change in the lives of our people, win elections that were previously unwinnable and transform the political terrain. This approach to building power is defined by our relentless commitment to bringing new people into political action, our deep investment in local leadership, and our intentional integration of cultural work with community and electoral organizing.

Our Challenge In 2020, we are faced with the challenge of supporting our local multi-racial chapters and affiliates to grow their own leadership, political power and voting base, while also living through the dual pandemics of viral contagion and racialized violence that have ongoing, devastating impacts on our leaders’ lives and their communities. And we must do so while also moving forward our plans for the critical, large scale voter contact necessary to deliver key electoral victories needed to build the long-term political and electoral power of our people. Indeed, in this moment we are contesting not only for the immediate needs of our communities, but also for the future of our state and the nation. North Carolina is a key battleground between the right-wing neo-confederacy and our vision of multi-racial, progressive populism. Our ability to demonstrate the power of transformative electoral organizing to move new people into action – in the face of overwhelming community crisis – will be put squarely to the test this year.

About the Deputy Data Director Position In this moment of growth and opportunity for the Carolina Federation, we are looking to hire a Deputy Data Director to support the growing data management needs for our programmatic work across the state.

We are seeking a Deputy Data Director who would

  • be thrilled to help grow innovative political organizations across North Carolina
  • fit our culture of courageous leadership and playful camaraderie, and
  • share our deep love of people and ferocious commitment to power and transformation.

The Deputy Data Director will work directly with our Data and Digital Director, our statewide Field Director and with the wider organizing staff of the Carolina Federation to support mutli-racial, multi-issue grassroots political power in our state. While our work is deeply relational at its core, we seek to utilize the most effective technical tools and tactics possible to build our membership base and reach voters in our communities. The Deputy Data Director’s primary role is to support this continued integration of our data-driven electoral work with our relational organizing work.

Specifically, the Deputy Data Director will:

  • Support the overall data needs of the Carolina Federation including our 2020 field program and our county-level affiliates / chapters.
  • Manage voter file access for designated staff and members. This will be done in collaboration with state-level data staff within the NC progressive infrastructure.
  • Develop and lead data trainings for county-level affiliates / chapters and for aligned statewide organizations, in collaboration with state-level data staff within the NC progressive infrastructure.
  • Providing close data support to the voter contact efforts of the Carolina Federation and closely aligned organizations, including phone banking, texting, relational voter outreach and other voter contact methods.
  • Provide administrative support for county-level affiliates / chapters to manage and grow their membership base, including member outreach (CRM, etc.) and integration of member lists with the voter file.
  • Field questions and provide VAN and data support to our twenty Carolina Federation field staff, across four counties.
  • Support Carolina Federation field program in data tasks including (but not limited to) loading mass text and call lists, loading dialer scripts, and updating volunteer recruitment lists.

What We’re Looking For In A Deputy Data Director These are the types of skills, competencies and qualities that we’d be looking for in our Deputy Data Director. We offer these as a broad outline; it is not necessary that applicants have experience in all skills and competencies:

  • A commitment to building power through elections, issue campaigns, and organizing, centered around the leadership of working-class people and people of color.
  • A commitment to interdependence – bringing your best, relying on the strengths of others, the knowledge that we are responsible for each other’s well-being.
  • An attention to detail and timelines; an ability to execute complicated sequential steps with rigor and precision, often on a tight deadline.
  • Ability to clearly communicate (with patience and humility) data-related information to audiences who may not have much data background.
  • Experience with voter contact programs and experience in the use of data in candidate or issue-based campaigns.
  • Familiarity with online electoral / advocacy tools and constituent relationship management (CRM) tools.
  • Experience with spreadsheets and data manipulation.
  • Experience leading skills trainings, meetings, town halls or other forums for member and community engagement.
  • Experience advising and managing volunteer leaders and / or staff, providing clear direction and support that enables the success of others and builds their long-term commitment.
  • Experience in a staff capacity on a data-driven, electoral campaign.

Salary: $40,000-$50,000

Location: Remote

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