Introduction: We seek a highly skilled Data Engineer to join our team. As a member of our team, you will improve the quality, quantity, and timeliness of data that we provide to candidates and activists through numerous applications. Our applications cover a wide range: voter registration, canvassing, fundraising, and more. Experience with US elections administration or political campaigns is a plus.

If you want to work on disruptive civic technologies that will make a difference in your community and around the country, then we strongly encourage you to apply.

What you will do:

  • Design, implement, and maintain our data architecture
  • Define and monitor metrics for our data architecture
  • Diagnose and resolve deficiencies in data quality and systems performance
  • Guide and assist team efforts for data collection, data cleansing, and data sharing
  • Perform exploratory analysis and provide ad-hoc reports
  • Track, evaluate, and contribute to technology advances across academic, open source, and commercial forums
  • Collaborate with partner organizations in the progressive ecosystem on tools and data sets that further our goal of registering more voters and electing more Democrats
  • Participate in political events that promote, train, and/or directly use our systems

About you:

  • Advanced skills in database programming (every aspect of SQL, plus PL/pgSQL or PL/SQL or T-SQL)
  • Basic skills in database administration (PostgreSQL preferred, but Oracle or MySQL okay)
  • Practical experience with database tuning and performance optimization
  • Solid understanding of RDBMS principles and modern practices
  • Solid programming skills (especially Java, Python, and/or JavaScript)
  • Practical experience with a variety of application data workloads (OLTP, OLAP, etc.)
  • Familiar with a variety of data integration and data warehouse approaches
  • Familiar with a variety of middleware approaches and tools (ORM, MQ, GraphQL, REST, webhook, etc)
  • Committed to leveraging data to elect Democrats and empower progressive organizations

Additional Qualifications (desired but not required):

  • Experience with cloud computing environments (Google Cloud preferred, but AWS or Azure okay)
  • Experience with ETL and data pipeline systems (AirFlow, Spark, Nifi, Stitch, Talend, or others)
  • Experience with data visualization, dashboard, and/or reporting tools (Tableau, Jasper, or others)
  • Experience with mapping/spatial/GIS data (including tools such as PostGIS)Experience with graph data (such as social influence networks)
  • Knowledge of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) methods
  • Advanced knowledge of scaling and high-availability techniques for data architectures
  • Advanced knowledge of cryptography, authentication, authorization, and/or data privacy methods
  • Advanced knowledge of USA elections administration and/or campaign operations
  • Advanced knowledge of statistics (including tools such as R)Familiar with web application frameworks (especially Angular, but VueJS or React okay)

About Civitech: Civitech is an Austin, Texas based startup that is applying modern technology-based solutions to civic problems. We are building elegant, usable interfaces that will help people run for public office, make it easier for volunteers to get involved in the civic arena, and offer modern solutions for local governments to better provide services to their constituents.

Civitech simplifies the process of launching and running a campaign, from fundraising to voter outreach. Political campaigns are expensive and inefficient, frequently spending their limited resources reaching out to the same people over and over because the existing software solutions don’t talk to each other. Civitech integrates with the existing software solutions, simplifies the big picture of a campaign, and uses social media and voter registration to reach out to voters who are frequently left out of the process.

To build truly transformational solutions, Civitech staff must reflect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the voters, campaigns, and progressive organizations we serve. We strongly encourage women, people of color, first-generation Americans, new parents, single parents, people with disabilities, and members of the queer community to apply.

About our Data Team: The Data Team is focused on building the most robust database of information about voting-eligible adults in the United States in the country. Our datasets cover voter registrations, voter history, statistical scores, contact information, campaign goals, campaign actions, mail tracking, web tracking, advanced address & geocode processes, election-related maps, election results, and more.

Salary: Full-time, competitive salary

Location: Austin, TX

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