Deputy Data Director

The 2020 Iowa Democratic Coordinated Campaign (Battleground Iowa) is seeking a highly motivated, passionate and talented Deputy Data Director for our statewide program. Battleground Iowa will play a crucial role in the highly-watched Presidential campaign, targeted U.S. Senate race to defeat Joni Ernst, four competitive congressional races, opportunities to flip control in the Iowa legislature, and elect Democrats at the local level in all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

This is a general election position through November 15, 2020 and reports to the Coordinated Senior Data Director.

Salary Range: $6,000 - $6,500/ month

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with Senior Data Director to identify data needs across the state
  • Build data pipelines and integrations between tools and platforms
  • Design and develop reports and tools for other teams on the Coordinated Campaign in line with key programmatic priorities, particularly the organizing and digital teams
  • Build target universes for the purpose of voter contact
  • Maintain and respond to a ticketing system for data support requests and flags
  • Support other members of the data team to complete projects as necessary

Qualifications Include:

  • Proficiency in Excel and/or Google Sheets
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • A creative and analytical mindset in approach to projects and tasks
  • Proficiency in SQL
  • Experience using VAN
  • Proficiency in Python, R, or other programming languages
  • Experience using Tableau or QGIS

Note: if you are interested in campaign data and you only have some of these skills (especially if you have a previous cycle of campaign experience under your belt), we encourage you to still apply.

Salary: $6,000 - $6,500/ month

Location: Not Listed

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