is a progressive voter turnout organization and political action committee (PAC). In 2018 and 2019, we designed, tested and disseminated a free behavioral science-based tactic that sparks Democrats to get their friends to vote (see below for description of tactic). In 2020, our work is centered on disseminating this tactic as broadly as possible in swing states via providing free and in-depth trainings and technical support to progressives on the implementation of this technique. In 2020, we will support dozens of national- and state-level independent expenditures and political campaigns. Our ambition is to increase adoption of vote tripling enough to produce a boost in turnout to flip a 2020 swing state.

  1. Classic Vote Tripling: Vote tripling is the new & improved commit to vote (CTV) pledge. Instead of just asking voters to pledge that they will vote, this GOTV tactic also gets them to pledge to mobilize three friends. Through SMS and phone banking outreach, campaigns and voter turnout organizations can get tens of thousands of non-activists to pledge to vote triple. Our 2018 test finds vote tripling boosts turnout inexpensively and, because of its simplicity, scales far faster than other friend-to-friend GOTV programs.

  2. Polling Place Vote Tripling (PPVT): Polling place tripling is a voter turnout program where canvassers intercept voters as they leave their polling place and ask them to immediately remind three friends to vote. Our test found this tactic led to a seven percentage point boost in voter turnout.


Special Projects Manager, IE Support IE team in all departments including Data, Field and Ops, conceiving and building systems and processes for internal efficiency and management of functions; pinch-hitting wherever needed to develop and execute this new, multi-faceted scaled PPVT program.


  • Support IE leadership team in all functions, including research, data, field, training, ops, etc.
  • Utilize Google Suite and Salesforce to create management systems and processes for team
  • Conduct research to support all aspects of PPVT program
  • Ops functions such as logistics, materials creation, compliance
  • The Unanticipated (e.g. Special Projects)


  • Minimum 1 cycle at Deputy level in Field, Data or relevant dept (electoral campaign preferred)
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Excel/Word/PowerPoint), Google Suite, Zoom
  • Experience with CRMs like VAN or Salesforce
  • Passion for the mission of increasing voter participation and turnout
  • Five tool player, resilient, creative, problem-solver, no drama, sense of humor, flexible, intangibles.

Salary: $67K annualized salary

Location: Remote

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