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What is a “progressive data” job?

Loosely defined as a job where the majority of the role, department or organization/company is focused on data or analytics work in the progressive space. This may mean things such as managing databases, client or partner relationships, management, statistical analysis or certain tech roles, such as software engineers.

The label “progressive” encompasses a wide variety of groups and individuals that are trying to promote progressive ideas, values, laws, and candidates. The term progressive often describes organizations aligned with the Democratic Party, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Types of organizations active in progressive politics include candidate campaigns, party committees, labor unions, advocacy organizations, and consulting firms. What these organizations have in common is that they are engaging in a set of actions to promote a policy, a set of policies, or a candidate. Some campaigns only last for an election cycle (e.g., a presidential campaign) while others will last for decades (e.g., organized labor). For more on this topic, we suggest reading the Guide to getting a job in progressive analytics.

I think a job fits that definition, but I don’t see it posted here, what’s the deal?

We may not have seen it. Please submit it! You do NOT need to be associated with the hiring organization, we just want to share information. Send any links you see to us. Please note we manually approve all posts and we are doing this on volunteer time, so sometimes it can take a while for jobs to show up.

Why don’t you post other jobs, such as organizing or digital jobs?

We’re keeping our scope simple for now. There are many other job boards that post a host of other job types in the progressive space. Please see the resources page.

Can you put me in touch with the person hiring for a role?

Sorry, not for now. But we encourage you to use other resources and networks you may have.

We post positions as we find them; however, we do not verify that positions are still open. The position may no longer be accepting applications. Again, we encourage you to use other resources and networks you may have.

Do you post internships, fellowships & apprenticeships?

Yes, but only if they are paid opportunities. If we errantly post an unpaid position, please let us know.

Do you post technology & data jobs in for-profit, non-political companies, such as start-up and tech firms? How about academic jobs?

Generally, no. While there is an overlap in job skills, we are focused on jobs working broadly in progressive politics.

How much are you getting paid to run this site and post these jobs?

Zero dollars. But if you get a job from a listing on this site, let us know.

Tell me more about how you built this site!

You can view the code here. The site is hosted through Netlify. Its favicon is Data Syncing by IconDots from the Noun Project.