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Mod note: Our #1 Birthday Wish

Three years ago this week, Progressive Data Jobs (PDJ) was born!

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ONECampaign for Michigan: Data Director

March 14, 2020

One Campaign for Michigan is seeking an enthusiastic, dedicated Data Director for the Michigan coordinated campaign. The new team member will be responsible ...

Catalist: Solutions Engineer

March 14, 2020

Principal Duties & Responsibilities: Listen, observe, and understand client and partner needs for integration Design and describe integration soluti...

NDRC: Political Mapping Analyst

March 10, 2020

The National Redistricting Action Fund is seeking a Political Mapping Analyst in support of our mission to end gerrymandering and insure the use of fair maps...

Targetsmart: Data Products Specialist

March 09, 2020

A TargetSmart Data Products Specialist provides research, handles and processes raw, inbound data feeds, and ultimately assists in the production and deliver...