Mod note: Our #1 Birthday Wish

Three years ago this week, Progressive Data Jobs (PDJ) was born!

We (Annie Wang and Lena Tom) started PDJ as a simple solution to a big problem: finding a job in the social good and political world required an “in.” This gatekeeping meant that our field was failing to grow or invite in new people, whether they came from other industries or wanted to move into data from other social good work. Our simple website was intended to make it easier to find the various “data, analytics, and tech” jobs across the progressive space and connect job-seekers with employers.

In the last three years, usage of the site by hirers and job seekers has increased exponentially. The site has had over 16,000 visitors in 2020 alone! This success is due to the community-driven approach of the site and the support from all of you.

Now we need your help.

Can you chip in $10 to help us improve Progressive Data Jobs?

Many of you have benefited from PDJ, and we’re asking you to help pay it forward so that more talented people from a wide variety of backgrounds can get into this work and lead us toward a better future. Your donation will go directly to the cost of creating and promoting a more accessible and user-friendly site for job-seekers.

What are people saying about Progressive Data Jobs?

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for running the Progressive Data Jobs page…I treated it as a gift from some anonymous benevolent data person (which, in a sense, it is). In any case, that page and the associated guide were such a huge help in my job hunt before joining [this organization]. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only reason I knew that [this organization] existed and was hiring was from the posting on Progressive Data Jobs.” – PDJ user, 2017 “I thought you should know that in about 16 hours, [we] got three job applications through Progressive Data Jobs…Thank you!” – Employer, 2020 “Conservatives: Hey, I know what we need to do! Let’s write articles about the importance of banning porn! Then double down when we’re called on our BS. Liberals: [Set up data analytics job board to increase likelihood of Dem victories] #WhyWeLose” – Random Twitter troll, circa 2018

Help out here! PDJ has never charged organizations to post or people to browse available jobs, and we have covered all costs so far with personal funds and time. Even with an updated site, it will continue to be operated by volunteers, led by Lena Tom and Annie Wang and supported by Lara Haddadin and Temi Akande of Meso Solutions and the team at Buoy Marketing.

If you have any questions, reach out to .

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