Here are some resources to get you started on your job search:

So you want to work in progressive analytics… a guide to getting a job in analytics, featuring how to write a resume, pass a phone interview, and ace a coding test

We also highly recommend this 4 minute read on Resume Writing: Telling Your Story from analytics community member, Kass Devorsey.

2017 Progressive Data, Analytics, and Technology Salary Survey: a report on salaries in the progressive data, analytics, and technology – see also the 2016 report.

Trying to learn more skills? Our friends at Crack the Code put together a great list of publicly available resources. Take a look at their site! We’ll be adding more information here in the future.

Looking for other types of jobs? While there is no single source of all progressive jobs, we recommend the following for non-data/analytics/tech jobs (all sites are free for job seekers):

  • Democratic Gain career center Search a wide variety of jobs in the political and non-profit space across the country. They also host the corresponding JobsThatAreLeft google group which we highly recommend.

  • Inclusv A community for people of color in politics and activism. Joining gives you access to job postings, trainings, and personalized mentorship and resume review is available.

  • Idealist hosts thousands of non-profit jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities across a wide swath of issues. Pro tip: Because Idealist charges a fee to post, if you find an organization you are interested in, make sure to check their website directly.

  • Public Interest Tech Job Board Hosted by Code for Progress, you can find tech jobs in government, non-profits that partner with governments and for-profits that have a strong focus on social impact.

  • Traditional sites like Indeed also often post listings for non-profits (although due to posting fees, they are often limited to larger organizations).

  • Organization websites! Because many sites charge a fee to employers to post a job, many do not get posted to the sites noted above. If you hear of an organization you are interested in, we strongly suggest you check their website directly. Job openings can usually be found in the “About” section or via links at the very bottom of the home page.