What is a “progressive data” job?

Loosely defined as a job where the majority of the role, department, or organization is focused on data or analytics work in the progressive space. This work may include anything from data science and software engineering to sales and staff management.

The label “progressive” encompasses a wide variety of groups and individuals that are trying to promote progressive ideas, values, laws, or candidates. Such groups are sometimes, but not always, aligned with the Democratic Party. Examples of progressive organizations include issue advocacy and civic engagement organizations, candidate campaigns, party committees, labor unions, and consulting firms. For more on this topic, check out this overview in our guide for job-seekers!

While we do vet all postings, a posting on PDJ should not be considered an endorsement of the organization, its values or work environment. Ultimately, we choose to give job applicants the autonomy to decide what is best for them and encourage individuals to do their own vetting.

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