Salary Survey

The 2021 Salary Survey results are now available. Check them out!

All information will be submitted anonymously, and only aggregated responses will be published. The only people with access to the individual-level responses will be Mahelet Fekade, Olivia Robinson, Cristina Sinclaire, Amit Mistry and Lena Tom. If you have any questions, please reach out to

What is the Progressive Data, Analytics, and Technology Salary Survey?

This is an annual survey conducted among those currently working in Data, Analytics, Technology in Progressive & Democratic work spaces. The survey uses a broad definition of the industry and the fields and has included responses from people working in candidate campaigns and independent expenditures, issue advocacy, nonprofits, labor unions and more.

This survey has proven helpful to many in our community to better understand compensation in our industry and use it for negotiations and career planning, as well as to identify trends in the field. We encourage its usage in your own career planning along with other resources you may find on the site.

The survey was first run in 2014 and has continued since then, each year administered by a group of volunteers. The surveys use snowball sampling and should be considered a general guide to the field, as it depends on the participation by staffers.

In 2020, the salary survey found its new home with but continues to be operated as an open resource run on volunteer energy. This year's salary survey is being led by Mahelet F., Olivia R., Cristina S., Amit M. and Lena T. We are grateful to this amazing team for volunteering their time and expertise to keep this community resource going.

The Findings

You can find each year's surveys below. Methodologies and formats have evolved as the field and the salary have grown and should be viewed as standalone surveys. 

Thanks to everyone who has helped support the salary survey and its efforts over the years!

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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