Share your experience: Complete the 2020 Salary Survey by Feb 5!

We’re excited to open the 2020 Progressive Data, Analytics, and Technology Salary Survey! For those who are unfamiliar, it is a (mostly) annual survey designed to help our community better understand the compensation of progressive and Democratic data, analytics, and technology staff. Please complete the survey by February 5th. We encourage everyone to participate regardless of your current employment status.

Historically, the survey has been hosted through a variety of community efforts and we are excited that it now has a new home with Progressive Data Jobs. You can read more about it on the salary survey page. This survey has proven helpful to many in our community to better understand compensation in our industry and use it for negotiations and career planning. Please complete the survey by February 5th and share it with other progressive data-related listservs, groups, or connections. The quality of our results is dependent on all of our participation!

All information will be submitted anonymously. Only aggregated responses will be published. The only people with access to the individual-level responses will be Mahelet F., Olivia R., Cristina S., Amit M. and Lena T. If you have any questions, please reach out to .

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