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Mod’s note: 2020 Presidential campaign jobs

Presidential hiring outlooks (Last updated July 15)

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PSB Research: Data Scientist

January 14, 2018

Moderator’s note: this firm does not wholly fit the definition we follow for job postings on this site typically, but given the critical important of census ... Senior Data Analyst

January 14, 2018

Our country is in a crisis, and stakes in 2018 couldn’t be higher. Since Donald Trump took office, MoveOn members have been a pillar of the resistance to the...

Indivisible: IT Associate

January 14, 2018

Indivisible is looking for an IT associate to design, install, implement and maintain our information technology, computer and telecommunication systems and ...

Indivisible: Political Data Manager

January 14, 2018

This position will be in charge of managing the data systems of Indivisible’s political department. This will include administering and setting the data stan...

Higher Ground Labs: Fellowship

January 14, 2018

Join the Accelerator. Applications for Cohort 2 are open now. Apply here Are you building a new tech product to meet a challenge confronting progressive camp...

Feldmen Group: Assistant Analyst

January 14, 2018

Democratic strategic research firm, The Feldman Group, is seeking an Assistant Analyst with strong writing, research and analytical capabilities.

Every Action: Nonprofit Support Specialist

January 14, 2018

Are you passionate about helping progressives do more good in the world by providing them with the tools to make a greater impact? Do you have deep connectio...