Mod Note, Where are the jobs?

Where’s all the jobs? Is this site still active? Why yes, yes it is. We’re going to let you in on a trade not-so-secret, particularly for those of you looking for work in the Progressive & electoral space for the first time. As you know, we’re 15 days from the midterm elections as of this writing. Campaigns and organizations engaged in electoral work are generally not hiring during this period – hiring is a time intensive process and most groups don’t have capacity to do so during this busy time.

So when should you expect more jobs to open up? Well it depends – for campaigns, PACs and Independent Expenditures, they will essentially collapse after the election is over. And everyone working in nonprofit and advocacy or other long running institutions will take some much needed breaks. Then it’s holiday season in the US. Additionally, many groups will finalize next year budgets in the coming months. All this means it could be a tad quiet on for a while. Based on past experience, we anticipate that job postings will pick up again between late January through March.

So what if you’re looking for a job right now and can’t wait that long? Here’s a few of our postings and a few companies with multiple positions open that are still up. Note, we can’t guarantee that these posts are still open, we’re simply determining this because there is an active link on the source site.

And if you can, get out there and volunteer! Knock some doors for the midterms! Good luck for everyone out there and thanks for all your hard work.

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